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“Narius helped me with a second smart key for my Kia Sorrento, Would have been very expensive at a dealers, Narius had it coded quickly and efficiently and at a very reasonable price, He really knows what he’s talking about and is a good guy also, recommended.” – —

“2015 Honda Accord Touring. In and out in 20 minutes. Working perfectly! $200 cash. Done.” – — Ken Morgan

“Narius came as a messiah for us as we lost hopes for our VW Jetta. Our car stuck in wonderland parking lot because I lost the only key I had in the park. For 2 days I tried but nobody was ready to make keys for VW as German car keys are very hard to program.i found online on third day and contacted him and he came to our car and made keys very quickly in like 20 minutes. Thanks so much Narius for saving me bucks and towing charges.I bet you guys, this guy will make your keys in less than half of the price than other crooks.. Thanks again Narius..will definitely recommend you to other people.
 – — Prajesh Solanki

“Bought a used Hyundai that came with a dead remote fob. Checked two dealership: one wanted $120 for assessment of the fob only and the other said they would have to replace the entire wiring system in the car which would cost $500-$700.

Found key4cars on google and contacted them I got a new fob programmed in less than 20mins for $90. I highly recommend them.

Thanks Narius for being professional and reliable.
 – — Morenzer

“Wow, what an impressive experience.

Narius is quick, efficient, and incredibly professional. He resolved my key issue same day and even found creative resolution when I was unable to get off work to have my keys fixed. He turned what would have been an impossible and expensive ordeal into an easy, affordable fix. Can’t say enough about the service.

Incredible, Thank you!
 – — Chadwick Burgess

“Thanks Narius, For saving a bundle in costs for my aftermarket keys….

I had 2 Fob keys that came with my car and they were starting to look a bit weather beaten over the past 5 years. It was time to get some replacements….
I checked with my Ford Dealership and they wanted $282 for one key and that doesn’t include programming….. Holy Cow!!! … I started searching around for replacements ….. I didn’t have any luck so I decide to go on Ebay and I found a website that handled Fob keys for a Ford Fiesta… At the time I was just plain ignorant of Auto lock smiths…. I didn’t know they existed….
So I purchased 3 aftermarket keys and they arrived here in two weeks..…..….. The keys had to be cut….. So I started an online search and come across Keys4Cars….. They had very good customer reviews so I decided on them…
I made an appointment to get the keys cut…. When we tried them out they were not working up to par……
Fortunately and many thanks to Narius and his professional talents, he changed the chips inside each of my 3 aftermarket keys…. We tried the keys out and they were working hunky dory …. He was very generous on the conversion costs and programming….
Had I known that there were Auto locksmiths around I would have gone to Keys4cars and had the 3 keys made up in the first place….….
Many thanks again Narius… Your my hero…..”
 – — Derek Layden

“Hyundai Genesis, 2016 with smart key. Narius is a really bright guy. A code was not available but he kept searching till he found it. A real professional and a nice guy as well. Thanks Narius.” – — John O’Donohue

“This company has the best price in town. I called around for my Honda CRV smart key replacement. The dealer wanted $460 for it. Keys2cards did it for me for $200. The key works like a charm, looks exactly like the original and the people are very professional. I would highly recommend them to everyone. “ – — Aamer

“Narius was great to work with, and fast. I had my Mercedes key replaced in 1 hour with one trip to see him vs. two trips to the dealership + a week of waiting.
Did I mention for half the price?
Highly recommended.”
 – — Joe. W

“I bought a used 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe that was missing its fob remote. The Hyundai dealership wanted $300 to create a new one. Keys4Cars saved me over $200 and got the job done only within 20 minutes! Highly recommended” – — Ted

“You KIDDING ME?? LOST the only fob I had – SAAB told me it could replace my fob for $1500 hahaha.. so called keys4cars.. he was over next morning, programmed a new fob, and I picked up that NIGHT… for a QUARTER of that fee. Don’t hesitate to call this guy. Fabulous.” – — Glenn Morgan

“Keys4cars is wonderful. I was told by the Kia dealer it would cost $545.00 + tax to replace my lost Kia Smart Key. Keys4cars (Nariius) did it all in for under $200. He was proficient, accommodating and professional. I’d highly recommend his services.” – — Jane Nevils

” Worked like a charm! Dealership was shocked. Many thanks!
 – — D. Garbaliunas

” Fast service, excellent communication…was more than I expected.” – K. Holland

” I was freaking out when I realized that I had lost my Toyota Venza 2012 keys. Running around GTA I was being quoted $350-450. I called Key4Cars and I got my smart key made for $180! Amazing service! Quick response!” – Arnel Totoheyres

” I normally dont take the effort to leave testimonials or reviews, but today I am happy to do this.
keys4cars is fair in pricing compared to other guys in GTA and also he was quick, some guys were not even interested in finding the replacement remote for my car and of course the dealer wanted a arm and a leg for it. Where as keys4cars found a replacement remote for my 2006 Hyundai Elantra in a hour and was programmed and ready in minutes. quick and easy. would recommend his services to everyone in need of replacement remotes and keys.”
 – Gautam Bavaria

” I found and Narius through Google. I will now use ‘word of mouth’ to let my colleagues and friends know about his professionalism, expertise and reasonable pricing. Thanks Narius!” – AT

” Keys4cars saved my money and sanity! Thanks! I have bmw x5 and my key remote stopped working. A day after the only key cylinder on driver side also broke down. I was locked out of my own car and nobody I called before keys4cars was able to take on the job, since the car is jimmy proof or something. Narius showed up soon after I called them, was able to gain entry to the car without damage. He then proceeded to repair the lock cylinder and lastly he made me a new remote key to work my locks and ignition. Nothing slowed him down like my car battery being dead and my other keys weren’t starting the car anymore. He fix those too. It all took about an hour and a half. I’m afraid to think what it would have cost me at the dealer.” – M. Hamid

” I found and Narius through Google. I will now use ‘word of mouth’ to let my colleagues and friends know about his professionalism, expertise and reasonable pricing. Thanks Narius!” – Tony Apollinaro

” Narius is a real professional. Changed the casing and soldered the circuits for my 2006 Saab fob. Very fair and reasonable pricing plus he’s a nice guy. Go to his location and wait for a perfect outcome!” – Norm

” Thanks Narius, was able to get my car done when others didn’t have the proper tools! Professional and an all around nice guy!” – Todd

” Very professional, fast and friendly service. Recommended! Of course, the price was good too 🙂 Keep up the good work. Thank you.” -Nikolay Stoimenov

” Just used Narius to get a replacement keyfob. He was quick, effective, and priced much below the dealer options. Highly recommended!” – Vikas

” Thanks Narius,
Nice job in and out in 20 mins.
New flip key for my 2004 BMW – 320i
Nice heavy duty key with BMW logo
Great price…beat’s going to a dealer.”
 -Mike Boyd

” keys4cars did a fantastic job cutting and programming a flip key for my 2001 BMW 320i, he did everything in a quick 30 min. He saved me about 50% less that any dealership, the key works fantastic and looks great. All communication was returned very quickly. Great service *****” -Steve Repic

“Keys4cars made a key for my Ford Fusion at a fraction of the cost the dealer was going to charge me. The key works perfectly! Thank you Narius.” -Cathy W

“*March 2013*
’09 Toyota Venza.
Went to the Toyota dealership with a smart key fob that was previously programmed to another car, asking them to reprogram to my car. They told me up and down that there is no way it could be done. Having read numerous online forums I knew that it was possible before I bought the key. I insisted that they try anyway. They did. The Toyota equipment told them that it couldn’t be done. BOOO!

Found Narius/Keys4Cars online and paid him a visit. Door to door it only took about 30mins for him to reprogram my used smart key AND laser cut my insert. Everything works perfectly!!
Highly recommended!! Costs a fraction of what the dealership charges!

1 – Keys4Cars
0 – Toyota Dealership”
 -Richard C

“Key made for 2001 Jetta. Great service. Great price, a fraction of what the dealers want for the same thing. It does take some time (about an hour) but easily saved $200.00 plus. I have already recommended Narius to friends and co-workers.” -JR

“Job well done Narius did a great job making two keys for our 2006 Lexus at a great price, about a quarter of what the dealer was going to charge for just one. It took him about 30 minutes to program the keys. If we ever lose another key, we’ll be back.” -Mar

“Narius from Keys4cars is the real deal. If you have a transponder chip in your car key, there’s a good chance Keys4cars will be able to make spare keys for a lot less than you would pay at the dealer. Narius found a way to solve our transponder key problem though we had a model of car that he hadn’t worked on before. I unhesitatingly recommend Narius and Keys4Cars” William W

“Keys4cars made a key for my BMW 325i. This guy was great with making a key for my BMW 2001. Dealer wanted $590 plus tax and keys4cars did it for $140. I’m very happy! I think he gives a discount if you come to his place. The only thing is it took almost an hour and I didn’t expect it will take that long, but it looked complicated so plan your time.” -DB

“My GM van remote control was broken for 3 years. I didn’t feel like paying a large cost to my dealer but was unsure of who else could fix this. Narius fixed my fob in one hour. Now my wife doesn’t have to juggle groceries and keys to get into the car.” –Victor

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